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Produce your own electricity from now on. 

 Transition from renting to owning electricity, with confidence. Sunlight is free and abundant.

Erase high utility bills, and save thousands, increase your property value. The sun is a consistent and reliable source of energy here in Arizona. The power grids can be affected by overloads or blackouts, homeowners with solar panels continue to generate electricity and have power during emergencies.



No Installation cost required

You Pay Taxes!
Some of that money goes toward Arizona projects.
You can benefit from what you already pay into parks and schools.

Will solar panels reduce
my electricity bill?

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100% Annual Savings

Utility companies are NOT under contract with you, you never established rates when you moved in.

So like gasoline prices, they continue to raise rates whenever they like.

With solar energy you lock-in a long-term low rate, less than half the cost of your current utility provider.

Contact us today to learn how you can start saving money and keep your AC unit at comfortable levels year-round.

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No Out of Pocket Expense

We guarantee your electricy from solar panels is upto 60% cheaper than APS or SRP utility companies.

No money out of pocket. 

No downpayment.

 Buy, lease, or rent for less than your current utility bill guaranteed. 

 A 650 credit score or better is required to qualify.

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Sons of Arizona

We have been installing residential solar panels in Arizona and across the nation since 2007 and we help guide homeowners at each step of their transition to renewable energy.

Locally owned and nationally recognized, we custom design every solar installation for homeowners and offer purchase, finance, and lease options.

$0 Money Down Guarantee!

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